Corporate Restructuring for a Brighter FutureTM

Upon the scheduled annual review, after careful evaluation of current market place realities, underlying economic considerations and the track record of the development team, we've decided that it is not in the interest of the Seditious Industrial ComplexTM to allow the production of Herzog the VileTM to continue its present course.

The Completion Bond Company set up to insure the timely, smooth and orderly production of the comic has advised us to release MC Kingsley and Dr. Cadaverous from their production roles, quoting gross misconduct, dereliction of duties and other breaches of SIC company policy too numerous to list. We wish them both luck in their future endeavors.

Starting immediately, the creative control of Herzog the VileTM will be handed over to Daniel Morgan and Stevan Živadinović. We congratulate them on their promotions and look forward to their excellent work.

No other personnel redundancies will be curtailed as of present time.